Due to the global pandemic, please be advised that shipping times may be longer than expected. Please check your tracking number for the latest updates on your order.


Where do you ship to?
We ship to Canada and The United States of America.

Oh No! I entered in the wrong shipping information! Can I change it?
Please contact us as soon as you know that you entered in the incorrect information so we can change it. (Within 12 hours of placing the order). We do not accept responsibility for incorrect addresses. Please enter your address carefully at checkout.

Why haven’t I received an order confirmation email?
If it isn't in your inbox, check in your SPAM to see if your email provider filtered it out. 
Most times this is due to an incorrect email address. If you feel like you had entered your email address incorrectly, or are not receiving any confirmation emails. Please contact us and we will fix it for you and get those emails resent!

How soon will I receive my order?
Our items can take 2 to 3 weeks to arrive.

Please note it may take a bit longer depending on the destination of the package, crossing the customs borders, during busy shipping seasons, holidays, natural disasters, postal strikes, and other delays in shipping. (We are not responsible for any charges incurred at customs.)

I ordered a few things, why are they in separate packages?
We use a few different suppliers who have warehouse locations across North America, so your order could be a combination of suppliers.
It can also depend on the items in the order itself. Sometimes an item will need to be packed separately to avoid damage during shipment.

Why are you getting stuff shipped from your suppliers to your customers? 
Running an online business with no physical inventory is space saving, reduces waste, and allows me to sell from virtually anywhere. The wanderlust is strong! 

Where are you located?
Sea to Sky Wanderlust is based out of Edmonton, Alberta.

So if you are in Canada, why are you charging in USD?
Good question! As our suppliers are located in the US, having both our business expenses and retail prices in the same currency (USD) it allows us to have more predictability and less fluctuations in running our business which in turn allows us to charge a reasonable rate for our products.

What is your hashtag? 
If you want to tag us in your social media posts, please use #SeaToSkyWanderlust

Do you have a question that is not answered on this page? Please contact us and we will answer it as soon as we can!