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20 Epic Bucket List Adventures to Inspire Wanderlust

Everyone has their own bucket list of things they want to experience (and our seems to be getting longer by the minute) Here are 20 epic bucket list adventures from all around the world to inspire your wanderlust.

1. Witness the Surreal Landscape of The Bolivia Salt Flats
Coming in at 10,582 square kilometers (4086 sq mi), and estimated to contain 10 billion tonnes of salt, the Salar de Uyuni is THE world’s largest salt flat.

Bolivia Salt Flats

2. Hike to Havasu Falls
Located on the Havasupai Indian reservation, the Havasu Falls is a beautiful desert oasis in a side canyon of the Grand Canyon.

Havasu Falls

3. Trek to Everest Base Camp
One of the world’s classic treks taking you through spectacular scenery to the iconic base camp at the foot of the greatest mountain in the world.

Everest Base Camp Trek

4. Stand at the Bottom of the World in Antarctica
Although a virtually uninhabited ice-covered landmass that feels like you are on another planet, Antarctica is full of adventure and is a photographers dream. From kayaking the icy waters, scuba diving, mountain climbing, whale watching, and hanging out with millions of penguins.


5. Take a Road Trip Down the Pacific Coast Highway
Hugging over 900 kilometers (600 miles) of California’s rugged and beautiful coastlines, the scenic Pacific Coast Highway is best enjoyed at a leisurely pace to take in the towering trees, expansive beaches, mountains and endless sky.

Pacific Coast Highway

6. Spot the Big Five on an African safari
Witness Africa’s wild animals up close and personal and experience the deserts and grasslands which are home to the Big Five (the African elephant, leopard, lion, Cape buffalo and the rhino).

African Safari

7. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon in Cappadocia
The Cappadocia region of Turkey is the most popular location in the world for hot air ballooning. Flying over “fairy chimney” rock formations, orchards, and vineyards that make up the surreal landscape.


8. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Trekking for four days through beautiful Andean landscapes with stunning views, passing ancient terraces and temples, and experience the culture and communities along the way until you arrive at the Lost City of the Incas.

Lost City of the Incas Machu Picchu

9. Tour Havana in a Classic Car
Hop in a classic car and soak up the nostalgic atmosphere, cultural, and vibrant city of Havana.

Havana Classic Car

10. Be Mesmerized by the Northern Lights
Visible at night in the Auroral band, these ribbons of colour swirling across the sky are caused by energetic particles that enter the atmosphere from above. Ranging from pink, green, yellow, blue, violet and occasionally orange and white this phenomenon puts on a pretty impressive show (The Auroral band stretches across Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland)

Northern Lights

11. Walk Amongst 700-Year Old Dead Trees in Deadvlei, Namibia
A stark contrast to the massive sand dunes, sits a large bleached white clay pan with 700-year old dead camel thorn trees sticking out of the ground. Kind of spooky, and surreal.

Camel Thorn Trees Deadvlei, Namibia

12. Hike Part of the Great Wall of China
China’s most famous landmarks, the Great Wall snakes its way across northern China for 21,196 kilometers. You can make this hike as easy or as challenging as you’d like with different sections of the wall to explore.

Great Wall of China

13. Explore the Perito Moreno Glacier
Coming in at 5km (3.1 mi) with an average height of 74 m (240 ft) above the surface of the water of Argentino lake, and a total ice depth of 170 m (558 ft), the Perito Moreno Glacier is the third largest reserve of fresh water in the world. This glacier is also one of the few glaciers in the world that is growing rather than retreating.

Perito Moreno Glacier

14. Summit Kilimanjaro
Standing at 5,895 meters tall, Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak. However despite the height, it is not a technical mountain but more of a high-altitude trek that takes you through 5 climatic zones and 6 ecological zones. Crossing this off your bucket list will definitely give you an amazing sense of accomplishment! 


15. Experience the Beautiful Sunsets in Santorini
Sunsets in Santorini are some of the most beautiful in the world! Seeing the orange and pink hues reflecting on the white buildings is absolutely breathtaking!

Santorini Sunset

16. Explore the Ancient City of Petra
Lost for a millennia, the Rose Red City of Petra (one of the most spectacular ancient cities remaining) is nestled in the mountains of the Dead Sea. 


17. Canoe the Serene Waters of Lake Louise
Enjoy the stunning scenery of the tall, rugged peaks as you paddle on the serene, turquoise water of Lake Louise. Definitely an iconic Canadian experience.

Canoe Lake Louise

18. Float in the Dead Sea
Jordan’s Dead Sea mineral-rich water is 8.6 times saltier than the ocean which causes a natural buoyancy that makes you float, and the Dead Sea mud contains more than 25 different minerals with therapeutic properties. It is also 1300 feet below sea level, making it the lowest elevation on earth.

Floating in the Dead Sea

19. Experience the Magic of Autumn in New York City
Crisp air, cool breeze, fall leaves in stunning shades of red, gold and orange, the picturesque skyline makes New York City is a magical place to be in the autumn.

Autumn in New York City

20. Take a Helicopter Ride Over Kauai
Most of Kauai can only be experienced by air, so taking a helicopter ride you can get up close with some of the most remote, untouched, lush and strikingly beautiful parts of Hawaii.


Comment below and let us know what adventures are on your bucket list!

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